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Frequently Asked Questions

Christmas Finishing Deadline

When are the finishing deadlines for Christmas 2019?
Ornaments, stand-ups, and pillows should be turned into Needle House by Thursday, August 1st for Christmas.  After July 15th, we cannot accept more than 2 items from each stitcher.  If you have several ornaments, a nativity set, or a project similar, please turn those items in as you finish stitching them.  It is not a problem to have the finishing match if you let us know when you drop off the items.  Cuffs or full-size stockings should be turned in by Monday, September 16th.  If your item is turned in by these deadlines, we are scheduling them to be returned by December 23rd.  If you have an item that you would like to display during the holidays or that you would like to send as a gift earlier than the week of Christmas, please allow some extra time from the deadlines above and let us know the date that should be our target.


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