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Gingerbread Village

A Collection of Designs Gingerbread Village From the Needle House bakers

'twas finally getting cool
Down hot Houston way
When a spry little gingerman
Pulled up his sleigh...

An entire gingerbread village springs forth
From the Needle House door!

O'er the bridge, down Lolly Pop Lane
He brings news of confections
His message is plain...

There are friends sweet as sugar
And ice cream galore!
A Heart House, Candy Cane chateau,
And o, so much more!
An entire Gingerbread Village
For all stitchers to explore!

Heart Cottage

Candy Cane Cottage

Gumdrop Cottage

Gingerbread Sleigh

Gingerbread Bridge

Gingerbread Ice Cream Cart

Street Sign

Gingerbread Man
with Lollipop

Gingerbread Lady
with Purse

Gingerbread Boy
with Stars

Gingerbread Man
with Candy Cane

Gingerbread Lady
with Ice Cream Cone


2422 Tangley Street
Houston, TX 77005