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Treenway Tranquility Montano 10yd Fine Cord

Tranquility—100% Reeled Silk—fine cord

--equivalent in size and twist to Victorian Buttonhole Twist
--thread size is between a #8 and #12 perle
--has tight twist, giving a “cord” appearance
--each of the 3-strands has more than 70 parallel, unbroken silk filaments
--the minimal twist keeping the silk filaments together, gives this silk thread more sheen and luster than the spun silk threads Harmony and Zen Shin.  The tight ply twist makes it less lustrous than Serenity
--can be divided (with care, as the silk filaments can separate from one another, especially in dry climates)

10 yards each skein

Stitching hints:

--smooth hands are extremely helpful—use a sugar scrub or other hand exfoliant before handling Tranquility
--the tight twist makes the thread “wiggly”; release the needle and let the thread untwist after several stitches
--stitches most easily with thread length 18” or shorter
--stitch going straight up and straight up as much as possible, especially if stitching on needlepoint canvas (do not drag your thread across your canvas)
--suitable for decorative stitches on 18-mesh canvas


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